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Weather Folios 1879-1909
The images contained here are a complete record of all the pages in the weather folios created by Sir Charles Todd’s office, Government Astronomer and later Meteorologist for the Colony of South Australia.  The folios contain daily Australian synoptic charts, sometimes encompassing New Zealand, and clippings of newspaper articles, telegraphic and handwritten information about the weather mainly in east and south-eastern Australia, with occasional reference to other parts of Australasia and the world. The folios represent a detailed contemporary view of weather of the day as determined by South Australia's weather professionals, and as detailed mainly in the press of the day.  The folio series cannot be considered a complete record of weather as not all contemporary weather observations were included in the folios (eg. wet dry bulb, ground temperatures, etc) and Todd's employees were not equally diligent in their capture of relevant news clippings through the whole of the 31 year period.  However, the 25,000+ images are a valuable starting point for weather researchers interested in east and south eastern Australian weather between 1879 to mid 1909, when each Australian colony had its own weather office. Researchers should refer to the manifest for a complete account of the images and for instructions on how to best use them in research endeavours.  There is also an image of what the journals looked like in their original bound state, a sample animation of a 10 day run of synoptic charts (1886), a sample of data digitised from the folios, and a monograph detailing the highlights of the folios. These are all found in the Resources folder. The images were created by the volunteer unit of the Australian Meteorological Association hosted by the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, South Australia.  They are lower resolution versions of the original images.  Original copies are available from the National Archives of Australia.  The volunteer unit is continuing to image post-Todd weather folios and has completed to 1930 (as of May 2012) making for a complete run of 50 years of synoptic charts and press clippings.  They are also digitising weather data for inclusion in the international surface pressure data bank at the NOAA, assisting climate change analysis (see Copyright notice These images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. You are free to share, copy, distribute, transmit and to remix and adapt these images but you must attribute the work to the authors/creators, The Australian Meteorological Association and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, but that does not suggest that they any way endorse you or your use of the work.
Charles Todd was one of the pioneers of meteorology in Australasia.  As the Government Astronomer for the Colony of South Australia, he worked with his counterparts in the other British Colonies and established the Australia-New Zealand weather observation network.  Being at the centre of the telegraphic network, Todd used the observations from all the Colonies to create extensive synoptic charts .  In the early 1880’s, Todd and his staff at the West Terrace Observatory were drawing inter-continental weather charts that had a greater geographical reach than any other meteorological jurisdiction in the world.  Todd’s ability to pull together the individual threads of technology, weather science and a widely dispersed group of weather observers put him at the forefront of his profession.
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