Author: Mac Benoy  May 2012
Wards of Dublin 
Bill’s Family Aunt AGNES
Agnes was the eldest child and only daughter, born 1878 and died 13 November 1964.She was very beautiful, graceful, slim and loved by all.  She married Fred Doyle late in life and had no children.  They owned a house in Manor Street - just below Aughrim Street - but took over No.14 Augrihm when my grandfather died or rather should I say, when he took to his bed earlier.  When Uncle Fred retired they had the front lower house converted to a grocery shop.  He had been senior accountant with Johnson Mooney & O'Brien, well known bakers. In her younger days, Agnes worked in the millinery department of Switzers, a large fashion house in Dublin's Grafton Street.  Obviously she also helped in the family home which was for some time in Manor Street and undoubtedly busy with seven younger brothers and especially when her mother died.  Agnes was very kind and warm but could reprimand us young nephews and nieces when we were misbehaving.  She was very strong regarding cruelty to animals and would sometimes remonstrate with cattle-drovers on market day (just above No.14, on the North Circular Rd) when cattle were en route to the docks. She was very supportive of my father and us three brothers after my mother's death in Leeds on 10 March 1930 aged 50 when I was 10.  Agnes visited Leeds on several occasions and these were really special treats.  I remember the perfume she used and the cakes she would buy and, of course Dad was in particularly good humour during her visits.  He was very proud of her and would take opportunities to introduce her to several friends and neighbours.  Agnes especially welcomed Marcella and me to No.14 during the war for our first visit, we being honoured in availing of the major bedroom.  Later in life she wasn't over-keen in the presence of babies but this was understandable from her earlier life.  Always active, always happy to greet you on a visit to No.14, she died of a stroke whilst busy with May (her companion/housekeeper) measuring out to make some bedspreads.  She is buried in Deansgrange Cemetery.