Author: Mac Benoy  May 2012
Wards of Dublin 
Bill’s Family Cousins FEMALE
CATHERINE Cousin Kitty, was born in 1918 in Cork and is still living there.  She married Donal O'Riordan and had two sons.  Always a favourite and very pretty, I would look forward to meeting her during the summer holidays in Dublin.  I think she was the first girl I ever kissed and Aunt Agnes caught us in the parlour in No.14 whilst Kitty was supposed to be practising music on the piano.  She has been ailing for the past thirty years but enjoys a little Jameson Irish whisky now and again.  Donal died about twelve years ago.  Still a great sport, Kitty lives quietly in the family home. MONICA (Mona) Born in Cork around 1925, Mona was very shy, slim and, I believe, unhappy in love.  She married a jockey/stable man who alas, drank heavily.  They emigrated to New Jersey, USA, and he had a good job and accommodation at a big stables.  He had a riding accident which terminated his career but he was kept on as a gardener but was unhappy and drinking heavily and eventually died.  Mona was left with three young children.  I knew their set-up before his accident, having visited her in New Jersey, and later during business visits to the States helped with legalities, pensions, etc. to pave the way for her return to Ireland.  She later met and married Conan Doyle, a widower with 7 children and lived in his home in Antrim.  He later died and she still lives in Antrim but her own natural children have returned to the States. ANNETTE Born about 1941, Annette is a very pleasing and no-nonsense personality and a fine mother and hard worker.  She is married to Jimmie Andrews, a building contractor, in the Mullingar area who is the owner of that town's biggest hardware store.  He has contracted work in Dublin, London and elsewhere.  They have eight children between 14 and 35.  She was very attentive to her mother and would have her living with them in the winter time.  She is a very practical person, good humoured, and gets on with the job of family affairs.  She and Jimmie were at our 50th Wedding anniversary at the Island Hotel in 1992 when Jim did a great jig. EVELYN Always slight and timid, Evelyn married at a young age to a much older and very gentlemanly person, Peter Dromgoole, a commercial traveller in hardware.  They have four children, 3 girls and 1 boy, all bar one of whom live in England.  Her husband died in 1980 and with great courage she followed up Peter's business for a few years, this being vital as she, seemingly, had very little money and four children to provide for and school.  Their wedding was attended by Uncle Joe, Jack, Francis and me, at which also attended two very stern and proper spinster sisters of Peter and others for a total of about twenty persons.  The dinner was best forgotten (generally teetotal) and most of us repaired to the hotel bar.  Possibly due to the need to make amends for the lack of table essence, we drank a fair amount and someone suggested we go to Croke Park for a final.  Joe, celebrating an inspired goal, threw up his trilby hat and it disappeared forever.  Evelyn is still a gentle and charming person and for many years now is receptionist in a nursing home in Beaumont.  She drops in to see Rita occasionally and we might see her once a year.