Author: Mac Benoy  May 2012
Wards of Dublin 
Bill’s Family Cousins MALE
EDWARD Ned.  No knowledge to me other than as a child.  Never contacted anybody in Dublin when adult.  Seemingly had an unhappy marriage but possibly not surprising since they also housed his mother- in-law and her sister.  His wife ran a tourist agency.  One son.  Last I heard they were separated.  He died about 1985. RONALD Ronny.  Born about 1930.  Tall, quiet and an insurance clerk.  Married Aileen Cullen and produced five children.  Always they seemed dissatisfied with their various homes in Dublin having changed four times.  Then, out of the blue and at the beginning of Winter, they emigrated around 1975 to cold Edmonton in the Rockies, he having obtained an insurance job by correspondence.  Children all now grown up and some married with their own offspring.  Alas he and Aileen are divorced and she married again.  Ronnie keeps in contact with his brothers and sister here in Ireland and returns every other year.  Marcella and I entertained them on several occasions and visited them, and whilst finding them with the usual social graces and exchanges, we felt a degree of either coolness or non- vibration in their company.  Aileen seemed not altogether happy in her household role which admittedly is not always one of glamour, but on the other hand Ronnie was not exactly a bundle of joy.  Her brother incidentally is Fr.Cullen, famous for his long years of social work particularly for outcast children in the Phillipines and, incidentally, was at home in Dublin at the time of Peter's wedding and took all the photographs.  Ronnie seems to have taken the divorce stoically but never told his mother, Till, of the event before she died. DESMOND (Dessy) Born 1933, Dessy was not much known to me and did not seem to contact his mother or family very much, particularly to Till's sadness.  Nevertheless, he was always pleasant when I may have met him for a few periods over the years.  Married with three children, he lives in North Dublin and worked for the Irish Press in the circulation department but in 1995 the company became bankrupt and the rest is unknown to me. WILLIAM (Billy) Born about 1937. Billy was an easy-going bachelor.  Very likeable, he lives in a cottage he virtually built himself in Mullingar near his sister Annette and her husband Jimmie Andrews for whom he is a sort of 'general man'.  He visits us here in Dalkey maybe twice a year when he might be weekending in the old family home (now let) in Mulgrave St, Dun Laoghaire, and which he owns.  He has also been over to Edmonton to visit Ronnie and his children a few times.  He is always in a good humour and enjoys a pint. SEAN Sean is little known to me.  He was more or less raised by an aunt in Rialto.  He was in the Irish Army for a while and then became a truck driver and later a driving instructor.  He is married and had a family.  He might have been of controversial temperament, a little like his father and again, like his father, and died prematurely at just over 40.  The only time he had contact with us so many years ago was to borrow money from Marcella and inevitably never repaid, and at a time when we were really hard pressed.  Most probably had his troubles unknown to us but, alas, not sufficient contact to know him well enough.  We feel he had a sad life. BERNARD Benny.  I have  no knowledge of him.  He is married and lives in England.