Author: Mac Benoy  May 2012
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Wards of Dublin 
Registered as a voter because he was a freeman Awarded Freedom of Dublin due to completion of an apprenticeship as a tapeweaver Birth Certificate of Bill's father Baptismal Certificate Bill’s father declared a freeman of Dublin Letter to his bro-in-law John T Ward while on leave in Sudan Letter continued Civil certificate of marriage,  29 December,  1911 Church certificate of marriage,  29 December,  1911 Christmas greeting Card from Flanders (WW1) to 1st son Francis Letter from Flanders to his father Will Travel permit Executors account of will probate Baptismal certification School Attendance Award Award for an essay on temperance Pledge of abstinance (from alcohol) Funeral Notice Birth Certificate (copy translated) Birth Certficate (?) Application for British nationality Birth and baptismal certificate (copy), aka Uncle Willie Copy invoice from his business Death Prayer card Death Certificate De-mob papers from Russian Labour Company British Army 1919