Author: Mac Benoy  May 2012
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Wards of Dublin 
Hay Park, Leeds Pat was Anna's brother, on army leave Lake District Jack Keavy(?), Lenny Cocker, Bill, Bernard Williams(?), Stan Broadbent Lake District August 1937 Picking blackberries at Spofforth  railway cutting The Udakis children Front yard of home on Collins Avenue Collins Avenue 1971 Occasion unknown Bill's cousing by uncle Joe In Cork Bellbrook Grove, Leeds Cousing of Bill and daughter of Bernard Ward Lifelong Dublin friends, Christmas 1957 John Dineen, Stan Broadbent, Peter Nettledon, Bill Ward Mr Hill, A Delucchi, K Fla???, Harold Howard, P Nettleton, Vincent Read Marcella Walker, Marcella Udakis, unknown, Denis McLaughlan, John Walsh Whitsuntide at Spofforth In the RAF St Christopher Bicycle Club The Ward brothers Sept 1945 (Aughrim Street)