Author: Mac Benoy  May 2012
Photo Gallery (click pictures) PARENTS, G’PARENTS
Wards of Dublin 
Massachusetts Passionist priest John & Catherine(nee Walsh) Ward, John T Ward, 2 daughters Bill's great grandfather Massachusetts Bill's Grandad and uncle Bill's Grandmother, had 7 children Bill's Grandfather With daughter Agnes (partner Fred Doyle) unknown female With grandaughter Cathryne Photo taken while onleave from France (WW1) She died in 1930 when Bill was 10 Bill's mother with Jack (John) and Frank (Francis) Bill's parents Marcella's father with grandchildren Peter and Cathryne Marcella's Mother, 1914, aged 19 Marriage of Marcella's parents in 1915 Mateus, Marcelli and Stan Leeds 1926 Last visit to Dublin summer 1973 Morecombe, England 1949 Bill's mother Christening place of Mateusas Judeikis ( Matthew Udakis) On visit by Cathryne Ward 2009 Abandoned village of Matthew's birth Held by Ceslovas Judeikis