Author: Mac Benoy  May 2012
Wards of Dublin 
Bill’s Family Grandfather WARD
 Granddad John was born around 1850.  He married Catherine Walsh who died 25 November 1916 and is buried in Deansgrange Cemetery.  He died 2 January 1936 at 14 Aughrim Street and is also buried in the same Cemetery.   He had earlier lived at 8 Bishops Street.  (Just to add here that Catherine lived at 3 John's Lane and, when married, at 73 Queens Street and 52 Smithfield). As a boy I knew Granddad as a sprightly medium height man, with a full growth of white hair and short heard.  He had worked in Varian's Brush Factory (the firm still exists in the hardware business) and, as a skilled worker went to work in a top hat.   Apparently brushmaking required skill in not only turning, shaping, drilling and decoratively painting of the wood, but also in blending the pitch and mixing the hair from wild boar and other sources. In his fading years he would sometimes be vexed with me whilst on holidays at No.14, and if I were late in returning from the 40-Foot at night-time, he would come downstairs and kick up murder for worrying him.  He had an affection for singing canaries and would sometimes entertain my cousin Kitty and myself with ventriloquist tricks.  In his final years he was cared for by Agnes and nursed by May (her companion/housekeeper).