Author: Mac Benoy  May 2012
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Wards of Dublin 
Copies of all material on this website are available in the RESOURCES folder of the website.  Click here for access 1.   Genealogy - Wards  as an image (.jpg and .png) 2.   Genealogy - Udakis as an image (.jpg and .png) 3.   Genealogy - Wards in Gedcom format for genealogy software 4.   Genealogy - Udakis in Gedcom format for genealogy software 5.   Video - Bill’s 90th birthday speech 6.   Video - Dance sequences of Bill’s 90th birthday 9.   Audio - Bill’s life story (narrator Bill Ward, 2006) 7.   Video - Bill’s life story (edited with pictures) 8.   Audio - Bill’s Aer Lingus visit (narrator Cathryne Ward) 9.  Text - Bill’s family and life history (.doc and .txt) 10. Text - Bill’s speech “The Early Days of Aircraft Jet Engine Overhaul in Ireland” 11. Text - master listing of family photographs (images) 12. Text - memories of Cathryne Wardss visit to Lithuania 13. Images - Family photographs (all in .jpg, subset as .bmp) 14. Images - Family album pages (in progress)