Author: Mac Benoy  May 2012
Wards of Dublin 
After retirement Marcella felt we should seek another home and better location - Celtic Park had become neighbour noisy - kids, football against the walls, traffic noise, 5am breadman next door loading his truck. But anything desirable was far too expensive (around £60 to £80K) and to take out a mortgage at 65 was unthinkable. John and Mary-Rose kindly advanced monies which, added to the proceeds of No.20, secured for us our pleasant home here in Dalkey overloooking the bay. At retirement time I was asked by SIFCO (an aircraft engine turbine repair concern) of Minneapolis and just setting up in Cork, to market for them world wide except the USA. Their new MD was a friend of mine, Tim Crean, who as an engineer had worked with me for many years. I was hesitant but after his persuading and agreement that trips would not last longer than about a week with gaps in between to suit Marcella and me, I took on the tasks for about 3 to 4 years covering the Continent, Africa, Middle East, Pacific, China, Japan and Australia/New Zealand. Tim asked me to set up a facility in Jakarta but even though the financial terms were virtually what I might demand plus housing for Marcella, I felt I had had a good working innings and had no desire to leave Dalkey and Ireland, and neither did Marcella. Now, 1996, here I am with dearest Marcella enjoying peaceful living in surroundings dear to me from my boyhood and only worried by garden snails and, sometimes, poor golf.