Author: Mac Benoy  May 2012
Wards of Dublin 
Gathered here is a collection of information circa 1920- 2000 about the Ward family of Celtic Park Avenue Dublin 9 and latterly of 2 Knocknacree Grove, Dalkey.  It gives the background to the lives of Bill and Marcella.  The timeline finishes approximately at the marriage of each of their 6 children, though some details about Marcella and Bill continue into their retirement. As most of the information was supplied by Bill, Wards of Dublin has a slant to his recollections, especially of his life's experiences (most of the text was compiled by Bill in 1996).  However, further material has been added by his daughter Cathryne, including the genealogical material and the notes about Marcella's relatives discovered during a trip to Lithuania in 2009. Little research was required to create this collection and its provenance makes it reliable as it comes primarily from original/next to original sources. For those of a technial bent, an attempt has been made to futureproof the collection by making most of the text and some of the graphics available in lossless formats.